The 5 Best Office Chairs under $400 in 2023

While many people may recognize that brands like Steelcase and Herman Miller make some of the best office chairs, they come with an expensive price tag. A $200 – $400 range is an appealing one because you are investing enough to get some good quality options but at the same time, you don’t have to break the bank with a name-brand chair – and I’m here to provide you with the best office chairs under $400.

There are a wide array of office chairs below $400. However, to make it easier for you to choose the right one, we’ve formulated a list of the 5 best by ensuring that each one provides excellent build quality and overall comfort and has various added features to consider.

Top Pick


Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Best Value


Ergonomic Office Chair

Premium Pick


Ignition 2.0

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Best Office Chairs under $400 in 2023

If you’re looking for an office chair that costs less than the chairs on this list, consider checking out our list of the best office chair under $300 or our best office chairs under $200.

With considerable market research into the best office chairs under $400, we have found these to be the top choices. We ensure they’re the best and offer extraordinary benefits, so you’re getting the most out of them. Take a look below.

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In This Review

Compare Our Top Picks

Pick Awarded

Chair Name

Weight Capacity

Selling Points

Top Pick

ZLchair Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

300 lbs

  • Dynamic Lumbar Support
  • Long Warranty
  • Ergonomics
  • Adjustability

Best Value Pick

CLATINA Ergonomic Office Chair

275 lbs

  • Warranty
  • Affordability
  • Adjustability
  • Weight Capacity

Premium Pick

HON Ignition 2.0 Mesh Office Chair

300 lbs

  • Premium
  • Highly Adjustable
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Weight Capacity

Best Leather Pick

COLAMY Executive Office Chair

300 lbs

  • Executive Design
  • Comfort
  • Spacious
  • Weight Capacity

Best For Standing Desks

Hylone Standing Desk Stool

285 lbs

  • Standing Stool
  • Affordability
  • Mesh Seat
  • Foot Ring

First on our list is this fantastic high-back ergonomic mesh office chair from ZLchair. It has taken my top pick because it’s comfortable and has loads of adjustable ergonomic features. Its outstanding features rival even the most expensive options on the market and this chair has a ton of adjustability to tailor it to your liking.

The chair comes with many adjustable parts. Its headrest can be moved 3″ up and down and be rotated 45°. It also has dynamic lumbar support with vertical movement of up to 1.96″. While it may sound like a little, it felt more than enough, it’s even on par with more expensive competitors. Furthermore, the backrest can tilt 90 to 135°, and the seat itself can be moved up and down 3.14″.

The only noticeable downside of this chair is the lack of adjustable armrests compared to other options at the same price. This chair only allows the armrests to be flipped up 90° which can be helpful, though. Putting the armrests up can save up a lot of space and allows the chair to fit under desks snugly.

Additionally, the chair is built with premium materials and has an all-breathable mesh design. This is especially good because it allows airflow to be much better, which prevented me from sweating after prolonged use. Finally, its ergonomic design and adjustable features make it a perfect chair for combating any developing pains you may have.

Overall, this chair is outstanding. It’s affordable and comes packed with features that you usually find at higher prices. It’s backed up with a whopping 6-year warranty and can withstand up to 300 pounds of weight. The chair also has excellent feedback from users. Definitely a chair to consider.


  • High Back
  • Ergonomic
  • Adjustable Backrest
  • Flip-Up Armrests
  • Adjustable Headrest
  • Dynamic Lumbar Support
  • Swivel
  • Breathable Mesh
  • High Quality
  • Easy Installation
  • Waterfall-Edge Seat
  • High Weight Capacity


  • Chair Size: D: 48.81” x W: 25.59” x H: 24.8”
  • Chair Color: Black
  • Headrest: 3” Up/Down. Rotation 45°
  • Lumbar Support: 1.96” Up/Down
  • Backrest: 90-135°
  • Armrests: 90°
  • Seat Height: 3.14” Up/Down
  • Tension Control: 2”
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Warranty Length: 6-Years
  • Chair Weight: 41.8 lbs


  • Built with Premium Materials
  • Reclining Backrest
  • Quality Adjustable Armrests
  • Breathable Support
  • Long Warranty
  • Premium Fabric
  • Strong Wheelbase
  • Mute Nylon Wheels
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Elegant
  • 300 lbs Capacity


  • Armrests can only be moved up and down

For the best value, I’ve chosen the CLATINA ergonomic office chair. The reasoning behind it is because of the fantastic features at a very affordable price. However, the most exciting thing is the 5-year warranty they offer. 5-years for this price is very rare, and on top of this, the user feedback is outstanding.

This chair, unlike my top pick, has 3-dimensional armrest movement. With a simple press of a button at the bottom of the armrest, you can rotate it 40°, move it up and down up to 2.8”, and has some horizontal movement. It gave me plenty of freedom to truly make it mine.

This chair has even more surprises up its sleeve. The seat depth can be adjusted up to 3.15” along with the available tilt of 95° to 135°. Additionally, it has some more standard features, like lumbar support that allows up to 1.57” of movement. The lumbar support felt adequate considering the size of the chair.

The chair also features a mesh back to keep you cool and a thick pad with a soft texture to reduce the pressure on the sedentary. If you do prefer a fabric feel, you do have a choice to replace the mesh with a soft fabric material. The seat has a waterfall edge design to reduce pressure on your thighs down to your knees and legs.

Overall, this is one of the best office chairs under $400 in terms of value. It offers an outstanding warranty and is backed up with fantastic feedback from users who have already purchased the chair. This chair does not feature a high back design but if you’re looking to save money and still have an amazing chair, this is the one.


  • Great Product Feedback
  • Adjustable Height
  • 3D Armrests
  • Lumbar Support
  • Mesh Back
  • Tilt Angle and Tension
  • Thick Padded Seat
  • Easy to Install
  • Fully Ergonomic Design
  • Waterfall-Edge Design
  • Good Weight Capacity
  • Long Warranty


  • Chair Size: D: 27.8” x W: 27.8” x H: 43.3”
  • Chair Color: Black
  • Seat Depth: 3.15”
  • Lumbar Support: 1.57”
  • Tilt: 90-135°, 5 Levels
  • Armrests: Rotation: 40°, Height: 2.8”, Horizontal Movement
  • Weight Capacity: 275 lbs
  • Warranty Length: 5-Years


  • Affordable
  • Long Warranty
  • Fully Adjustable Design
  • Premium Frame
  • Easy Installation
  • Ergonomic
  • Breathable Material
  • Thickly Padded Seat
  • Durable


  • Assembly was a little difficult
  • Could be small if you’re a big and tall person

For premium pick, I went for the HON ignition 2.0 model this time. It offers outstanding features at just below the $400 mark. While the most pricey office chair on our list, it’s for a reason; it provides a lifetime warranty to back up the high quality of the chair. Additionally, we’re not the only ones who think it’s great; it’s got tons of positive customer reviews.

The chair offers a 4-way stretch mesh that is breathable and found that it would cradle my spine for ergonomic comfort. The office chair also features a contoured seat cushion that gave me an all-day comfort. Additionally, it has adjustable lumbar support that can be easily positioned for different users to customize the seating experience.

It comes with height-and width-adjustable armrests that provide fully customizable comfort. A synchro-tilt mechanism is also present, giving you an upright tilt lock, tension control, and pneumatic seat height adjustment that offers you fully customizable control of your comfort.

Additionally, I was able to slide the seat forwards and backward, and it comes with a quite hard caster for noise-free mobility. They also give you an option of 2 different color combinations so that you can match the chair to your current workstation at home.

Overall, if you have extra money to spend, it’s definitely worth investing in HON Ignition 2.0. They offer an excellent warranty and are backed by amazing user feedback. To top it all off, the chair has 300 pounds of weight capacity.


  • Premium
  • Mesh Back
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • 4-Way Stretch Mesh
  • Ergonomic Features
  • Mid Back
  • Breathable
  • Tension Control
  • Sliding Seat
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Chair Size: D: 28.5” x W: 27” x H: 44.5”
  • Chair Color: Black and White
  • Armrests: 11 – 20”
  • Back Width: 18”
  • Seat Width 19”
  • Lumbar Support: 2”
  • Warranty Length: Lifetime
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Chair Weight: 54 lbs


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Extremely Adjustable
  • Quite Hard Casters
  • Stretch Mesh Back Mechanism
  • Synchro-Tilt Mechanism
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • Tilt Control
  • Tension Control
  • High Weight Capacity


  • Not a high back chair

For my next pick, I wanted to offer a choice for those who prefer a leather chair over the more common ergonomic choice. The COLAMY executive office chair provides a great variety of features at an affordable price. 

The chair offers a 5.5″ thick padded material on the seat cushion with an innerspring system that helps bolster the cushioning and maintain its shape. A waterfall-edge seat design is present which helped me reduce the pressure on the back of my thighs when sitting.

Like a premium pick, this one also offers the synchro-tilt mechanism, which works in confusion with the seat and provides a more natural sitting experience, especially during long working days. The armrests can only be flipped up 90°, which allows the office chair to fit under the desk for space-saving.

This executive office chair also comes with a premium material and rhombus patterns that give it a stylish look. It’s an easy-to-maintain bonded leather combined with the design that allows the chair to blend in with your room decor nicely.

In conclusion, if it’s leather you’re looking for, and affordability, this is the chair to go for. It’s a well-perceived chair by customers and offers 300 pounds of weight capacity. The only noticeable downside is the 1-year warranty and a lack of adjustability compared to other choices in this guide. Just something worth considering.


  • High Back
  • Executive Design
  • High Weight Capacity
  • Flip-Up Armrests
  • Adjustable Rock Back Tension
  • Extra Comfortable
  • Leather
  • Waterfall-Edge Design
  • Reinforced Base
  • S-Shaped Backrest
  • Spacious Seat


  • Chair Size: D: 29.1” x W: 27.5” x H: 49”
  • Chair Color: Black and Brown
  • Form factor: Upholstered
  • Swivel: 360°
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Warranty Length: 1-Year
  • Chair Weight: 39.4 lbs


  • Great User Feedback
  • Easy to Clean
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Thick Padded Seat
  • PU Leather
  • Easy Assembly
  • Fashionable Design


  • Not much adjustability

Last on my list is the Hylone standing desk stool for standing desks. With the popularity of standing desks rising, I have decided that having a category-specific to them is a must. It features an ergonomic design and an adjustable foot ring for an affordable price point.

Because it’s a stool for standing desks, they come with handy flip-up arms to help in certain situations where the chair just won’t slide under some. The said armrests feature a strong and thick mesh with breathable material to allow sweat-free arms. The backrest is also made with mesh.

The seat padding is also a very well thought feature in this model. It’s even long enough for big and tall people to comfortably use. It’s deep and has a w-shaped design to release as much pressure on the hips as possible to prevent hip pain from developing. Finally, it comes with a waterfall-edge seat to further release pressure.

The footing is one of the main selling points of this chair and an essential one since it’s for standing desks. The foot ring can be height-adjusted to match your sitting style. It also has many health benefits as it helps you move your feet more often, which reduces pressure on the back of your legs. I found the foot ring to be quite sturdy when I rest my feet on them.

Overall, as it’s a chair designed for standing desks, if you need one for your standing desks and want to spend under $400, then this is a chair for you. It has a decent warranty of 1-year and a weight capacity of 285 pounds. The cherry on top is the impressive and very useful foot ring. I did however find it quite hard to assemble.


  • Standing Desk Stool
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable Foot ring
  • Flip-Up Armrests
  • Padded Cushion
  • Breathable Mesh Back
  • Mesh Back
  • Padded Armrests
  • Waterfall-Edge Design
  • Great Wheel Caster
  • Decent Warranty


  • Chair Size: D: 21.4” x W: 19.7” x H: 51.4”
  • Chair Color: Multiple Available (Black, White, Grey, Brown)
  • Seat Height: 22.4” – 30.3”
  • Seat Width: 19.7”
  • Seat Depth: 20.8”
  • Backrest Height: 23.5”
  • Warranty Length: 1-Year
  • Weight Capacity: 285 lbs
  • Chair Weight: 38.1 lbs


  • Great for Standing Desks
  • Adjustable Height
  • Flip-Up Armrests
  • Adjustable Foot Ring
  • Decent Adjustability
  • Ergonomic Backrest
  • Big and Tall Design
  • Heavy Duty Base
  • Sponge Seat
  • Breathable Mesh


  • May be hard to assemble
  • Only suitable for standing desks

How We Decided

Office chairs under $400 are still considered mid to high-end. Therefore, you will not be sacrificing too much in terms of features, comfort, and ergonomics. While testing, we’ve found that some features are more important to look for than others. We’ve decided on these chairs based on the price, adjustability, and user feedback.

Price is a no-brainer. Finding an office chair under $400 is not as limiting as, let’s say, an office chair under $100, as there are many more options to choose from. However, some office chairs are simply not worth their price and offer too little. With our selected office chairs, you can rest assured that you will get every penny’s worth. 

When testing and researching, I’ve observed what the chairs offer for the price. The more adjustable parts, the better, as it gives you more control of your own chair. However, some chairs try to pack as many features as possible but are of low quality. Testing has shown that the office chairs we’ve picked will give you as many high-quality adjustable features as possible.

For chairs that are aimed at a specific price point, I’ve decided to take user feedback into account as well as my own. This way, I could determine if the chair was worth the price. With the extensive data set gathered from customers, I made this guide on the best office chairs under $400, and all are worth that price.

Things To Consider When Buying an Office Chair for under $400

User Feedback

This one is a crucial aspect to consider when buying an office chair. When buying cheaper options online, more often than not, the chair is simply made of cheap materials and falls apart quite quickly in its lifespan. Turing to user feedback is an excellent way of seeing how the chair performs for the users who have already purchased and used the chair for a certain period of time. This doesn’t only apply to office chairs but anything you buy online.


Since we’re looking at the best office chairs for under $400, it’s imperative to look at the price of a said office chair. The price of a chair usually determines what kind of quality you’re getting. The cheaper the chair becomes, the more likelihood of its quality will degrade. Price is something to consider in conjunction with user feedback to find the best balance between them both.


Since you’re looking at office chairs under $400, the chances are adjustability in some of them may be slim or nonexistent. While not always true, adjustable parts all over the chair are always welcome. They will help you get as much comfort as possible and also have a lot of health benefits. Consider a well-adjustable office chair if you suffer from arthritis or lower back pain.


You’ll spend a lot of time sitting at your newly bought office chair, so it only makes sense that you want to be as comfortable as possible while using it. Most chair comes with very well padded seats. Other things to look out for are things like a waterfall-edge seat and breathable mesh on the seat and back seat. It’ll significantly improve comfort and reduce sweaty sessions after prolonged use.

How to Spot a Cheap Chair

Lack of Height Adjustability

Ideally, your office chair should allow you to sit comfortably with your back supported and your feet flat on the floor. A possible solution could be to get a footrest or a seat cushion to manually adjust the height. This will help improve your health and prevent health issues from arising.

Poor Lumbar Support

The best office chairs provide excellent lumbar support, which generally comes with extra padding to give a natural curve in your lower back. It’s designed to encourage proper sitting and prevent lower and upper back pain. Some office chairs’ lumbar support is non-existent, while others have a very pronounced curve. A good solution would be to buy an extra lumbar support pillow.

Poor Padding

If you find that the cushioning is poor in your cheap office chair, a lumbar support and seat cushion will improve it. Some chair cushions just wear off quickly and aren’t as dense to begin with.

Final Thoughts

With so many ergonomic chair options for the home office, it can be tough to pick the right one, especially for under $400. We’ve listed 5 different options here and believe that the best office chair under $400 is an ergonomic mesh office chair from ZLchair. Every piece of it is adjustable and holds up to 300 pounds. Additionally, it offers a very generous 6-year warranty.

While the chair from ZLchair is our top pick, you should consider our best value and premium pick as they offer just as extraordinary features as our top pick. If you got the extra buck to spare, HON Ignition 2.0 is an excellent choice under $400, and if it’s the value you’re looking for, then CLATINA offers just that.

We hope you enjoyed your time reading through this guide and decided which chair you’re interested in. Do share in the comments below and let us know which chair you like the most. As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.


The overwhelming majority do provide integrated wheels. However, not every office chair has wheels. Some are designed in a way, so you can safely remove them.

More often than not, you have to assemble the chair yourself. Most of which are generally easy to assemble, taking around 10 to 20 minutes. Some chairs come assembled, often the ones that are a little more expensive.
Office chairs have a large price range, ranging from as low as $80 and as high as $800. The median price is around the $250 range. Generally, the more expensive the chair, the better the build quality becomes, and vice versa.
Generally, office chairs come with different types of lower back support. Most commonly, lumbar support, of which some can be adjusted and some are fixed. If you don’t have one, you can purchase a third-party one like a pillow.

How We Review: Our Office Chair Ratings Methodology

At Overheard on Conference Calls, we take pride in how we review office chairs. Our team of office chair experts spend hours researching and reviewing dozens of products before they even start writing their review or article. Our goal is to bring you honest and unbiased information to help you make an informed choice that will be the best for you. Our recommendations are not for sale and they are not influenced by any of the manufacturers we review. 

When reviewing an office chair, there are numerous factors we analyze to determine our recommendations. Here are our four most important:

  • Comfort: Comfort is key to a good office chair. It’s likely you’ll be sitting in it for hours so you’ll want something that won’t cause you aches and pains after hours of use. We gauge comfort by testing for 4+ hours as well as looking at the thickness of the seat cushion and its material.
  • Durability: Not all office chairs are built the same. Our durability factor looks at the quality of the materials and how sturdy the chair is after assembly. Because we have a limited tested period, we also conduct customer research of longtime users.
  • Lumbar Support: While this is an ergonomic feature, we made this its own separate rating factor because of how important it is to your overall posture, health, and comfort. We analyze each chair for its lumbar support or lack thereof. 
  • Ergonomic Features: In addition to lumbar support, we also look at other ergonomic features such as the armrests, height adjustment, reclining, seat ergonomics, and more. The better it is for your ergonomics and the more features/adjustability, the better. 

Why isn’t price included on that list? Fair question! We do consider price in the order of our recommendations but because everyone has their own budget in mind, we won’t rule a chair in or out just because it has premium or budget price. 

Our team has researched and reviewed hundreds of chairs and we’re confident in our recommendations. We strive to only recommend the best products and we periodically refresh our reviews and rankings.

Eric Moore

Eric Moore is the owner of Overheard on Conference Calls. As a corporate veteran, he’s seen and heard it all. And when it comes to office chairs, desks, and accessories, he’s used it all. As a former office furniture sales rep, he bring his expertise to provide readers the knowledge to choose the right products for them. He also has his OSHA Ergonomics Certificate.