The 6 Best DIY Standing Desk Frames in 2023

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There are two reasons why people purchase standing desk frames, they either already have a tabletop and would like to create a standing desk, or their previous standing desk broke, and now they have to replace it. 

Converting custom hardwood tabletops into standing desks remains a popular choice. In this guide, we list the seven best standing desk frames you can buy for this year. 

We made sure to provide standing desk frames built to last, focusing mainly on frame structure, manufacturer warranty, weight capacity, and reviews. However, our standing desks are not all expensive. We also included value and budget options for prudent buyers. 

Keep on reading to discover our recommended choices, learn more about the health benefits of standing desks and the essential factors you should consider when choosing a standing desk frame.

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The Best DIY Standing Desk Frames in 2023:

Above, you can see our recommended picks for the best standing desk frames. To ensure your frame lasts long, we only included frames with a warranty length of no less than three years. Keep scrolling to see a description of each frame and the pros and cons that go with it.

Compare Our Top Picks

Frame Name

Lifting Capacity




AiTerminal Dual Motor

264 lbs


42.3” – 70.9″ 

25.2” – 50.8″

Progressive Automations Dual Motor

270 lbs


48″ – 73″ 

23.6” – 49.1”

VwinDesk Dual Motor

320 lbs


42.5” – 70.9” 

23.6” – 49.2”

HaiaOjia Dual Motor

270 lbs


42.3″ – 70.9″ 

27.1″ – 45.2″

VwinDesk L Shaped Framed

360 lbs


42.5′ – 70.9′

23.6” – 49.2”

Vivo Single Motor

176 lbs


39” – 55.1”

28.6” – 47.6”

1. AiTerminal Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk Frame - Top Pick

First on our list is our best overall choice, the AiTerminal Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk Frame. AiTerminal is a brand known for robust and long-lasting standing desks, and this frame is no exception.

The frame is available in two colors; black and white. The length of the frame is adjustable from 42.3” to 70.9″; that’s quite long, suitable for tabletops up to 92 inches long. Users can adjust the height of the frame between 25.2 and 50.8 inches using the controller powered by dual lifting motors. The dual motors enable a fast and quiet lifting process at 1.6 inches per second. Heights can be saved to four memory height presets.

We consider this desk to be heavy-duty, with a robust steel structure that has a high maximum lifting capacity of 264 lbs. A generous 5-year manufacturer’s warranty backs this.

Additional features include two mobile charging ports and an overload protection system which makes the frame shut itself off when the maximum lifting capacity is exceeded to prevent motor damage.

In summary, this is a heavy-duty standing desk frame, wide enough for large desktop sizes. Furthermore, the frame is covered by a long warranty and is priced below $300.


  • Black and White Color Options
  • Heavy-Duty Weight Capacity
  • 5-Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Dual Motors
  • Overload Protection System
  • USB Charging Ports
  • Leveling Pads


  • Frame Dimensions: Length – 42.3” to 70.9″ Height – 25.2” to 50.8″
  • Lifting Capacity: 264 lbs
  • Height Adjustment: 25.2” to 50.8”
  • Height Presets: 4
  • Height Adjustment Speed: 1.6” per second
  • Frame Weight: 66 lbs
  • Material: Steel
  • Manufacturer: AiTerminal


  • Suitable for Long Desktops
  • Long Warranty
  • Quite Affordable
  • Two Color Options
  • Very-High Weight Capacity
  • Shuts Itself Off When Overloaded
  • Fast and Quiet Dual Lifting Motors
  • Mobile Charging Ports


  • Doesn’t have Wheels

2. Progressive Automations Dual Motor Standing Desk Frame - Premium Pick

Next up is our Premium Pick, a frame built to last, the Progressive Automations Dual Motor Standing Desk Frame. It features an ultra-strong structure, covered by an industry-leading warranty.

The frame is available in three color choices; black, grey, and white; the length of the frame can be set up to 73 inches long. That makes it suitable for XXL desktop sizes. Powered by dual motors, the height of the frame can be set between 23.6 and 49.1” inches high. Like most other frames, it has four memory height slots so you can save your favorite height levels.

Progressive Automations is known for the strength of its frames. This frame is another robust example made from industrial-grade steel. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 270 lbs which is one of the best capacities on the market. Users can easily place heavy hardwood desktops on the frame without worrying if it can handle the weight.

The most impressive aspect of this frame is the manufacturer’s warranty. Progressive Automations offers a 15-year warranty on the desk legs, which is outstanding for a frame priced under $500. The only downside is that it doesn’t have any additional features such as USB charging ports.

All in all, if you are looking for a durable and reliable electric standing desk frame that can handle heavy-duty weights, then look no further.


  • Three Color Options
  • Heavy-Duty Weight Capacity
  • 15-Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Dual Lifting Motors
  • Leg Leveling Pads


  • Frame Dimensions: Length – 48″ to 73″ Height – 23.6” to 49.1”
  • Lifting Capacity: 270 lbs
  • Height Adjustment: 23.6” to 49.1”
  • Height Presets: 4
  • Frame Weight: 65 lbs
  • Material: Steel
  • Manufacturer: Progressive Automations


  • Robust Structure
  • Outstanding Warranty
  • Suitable for Large Desktops
  • Good Reviews
  • Fast and Quiet Lifting Process


  • Lacks Additional Features

3. VwinDesk VJ201-S3 Electric Standing Desk Frame - Best Value

Next up is our best value-for-money choice, the VwinDesk VJ201 Electric Standing Desk Frame. It’s another heavy-duty frame with dual motors; however, it has an affordable price tag.

Firstly, the size of this frame is adjustable. Length can be set between 42.5 and 70.9 inches, while the height can be regulated between 23.6 and 49.2 inches. Users can save their chosen heights to four memory height presets.

The whole height adjustment process is powered by two powerful motors, enabling a smooth and quiet experience. The frame rises at approximately 1.5 inches per second.

The frame’s structure is robust like our two previous choices, made from industrial-grade steel. However, although it’s cheaper, it has an ultra-high weight capacity of 320 lbs making it an excellent value choice. 320 lbs is certainly enough for the frame to handle heavy hardwood worktops. 

As mentioned before, we only recommend standing desk frames with long warranties; this frame definitely meets this requirement. It’s covered by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. The only disadvantage of this desk is the lack of USB ports, but they’re not a necessary feature.

With such an affordable price tag, dual motors, and a heavy-duty weight capacity, this frame is certainly worth considering.


  • Available in Three Colors
  • Heavy-Duty Weight Capacity
  • 5-Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Dual Electric Motors
  • Elegant LCD Control Panel


  • Frame Dimensions: Length – 42.5” to 70.9” Height – 23.6” to 49.2”
  • Lifting Capacity: 320 lbs
  • Height Adjustment: 23.6” to 49.2”
  • Height Presets: 4
  • Height Adjustment Speed: 1.5” per second
  • Frame Weight: 59.9 lbs
  • Material: Steel
  • Manufacturer: VwinDesk


  • Strong Structure
  • Long Warranty
  • Two Lifting Motors
  • Affordable Price


  • No Additional Features

4. HaiaOjia Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk Frame - Solid All-Rounder

Fourth on our list is the HaiaOjia Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk Frame. We had a dilemma on whether we should choose this frame as our best pick option. Ultimately, we picked the AiTerminal, but this is a solid all-rounder.

The frame is suitable for desktops that are a maximum of 90 inches long and 44 inches wide. It has an adjustable size to accommodate different desktop sizes. Using the LED display, you can set the frame 27.1 to 45.2 inches high and 24.3 to 70.1 inches long. Powerful twin motors allow the frame to rise at 1.57 inches per second quietly.

As for strength, it’s another heavy-duty frame. It is built from industrial steel with a maximum lifting capacity of 270 pounds. An overload protection function programs the frame to shut itself off if the lifting capacity has exceeded. 

Users can have a piece of mind as the frame comes with a five-year-long manufacturer’s warranty on all parts.

Overall, this HaiaOjia Dual Motor Frame is an all-around performer priced affordability, certainly one not to go overlooked.


  • All-Black Color
  • 5-Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Twin Motors
  • High Lifting Capacity
  • LED Display
  • Overload Protection


  • Frame Dimensions: Length – 42.3″ – 70.9″ Height – 27.1″ – 45.2″
  • Lifting Capacity: 270 lbs
  • Height Adjustment: 27.1″- 45.2″
  • Height Presets: 4
  • Height Adjustment Speed: 1.57” per second
  • Frame Weight: 65.9 lbs
  • Material: Steel
  • Manufacturer: HaiaOjia


  • Long Warranty
  • Great Weight Capacity
  • Priced Affordably
  • Suitable for Large Table Tops
  • Smooth and Quiet Lifting Process


  • Doesn’t have USB Ports

5. VwinDesk VJ301 Triple Motor Standing Desk Frame - Best L-Shaped Frame

If you’re looking for an L-shaped standing desk frame, this one could be ideal for you. This VwinDesk standing desk frame is perfect for L-shaped desktops and has one of the highest lifting capacities on the market.

Like other frames, this frame’s size is adjustable. Length can be regulated between 42.5 and 70.9 inches, while the height can be set between 23.6 and 49.2 inches. The frame is suitable for desktops up to 80 inches long.

The lifting mechanism is powered by three motors, one on each leg. This allows for a huge lifting capacity of 360 lbs. That’s more than enough to handle any desktop setup. Another factor that makes this frame stand out is the generous 5-year manufacturer’s warranty offered by VwinDesk. 

Additional features include a child lock button to prevent kids from using the control panel and an overload protection function that stops the desk when the lifting capacity has exceeded. Apart from the lack of USB ports, the frame doesn’t have any significant downsides.

Overall it’s a perfect frame for an L-shaped tabletop. The industry-leading weight capacity and the triple motor mechanism are hard to overlook.


  • Available in Black and White
  • Huge Lifting Capacity
  • L-Shaped Frame
  • Powerful Triple Motors
  • 5-Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Child Lock Button
  • LCD Control Panel
  • Overload Protection


  • Frame Dimensions: Length – 42.5′ to 70.9′ Height – 23.6” to 49.2”
  • Lifting Capacity: 360 lbs
  • Height Adjustment: 23.6” to 49.2”
  • Height Presets: 4
  • Height Adjustment Speed: 1.5” per second
  • Frame Weight: 103.8 lbs
  • Material: Steel
  • Manufacturer: VwinDesk


  • All Parts Covered By Long Warranty
  • Two Color Options
  • Three Lifting Motors
  • Child Lock Button
  • Ultra-High Lifting Capacity


  • Higher Price Tag

6. Vivo Single Motor Compact Electric Standing Desk Frame - Low Budget Option

We couldn’t finish our best standing desk frames list without selecting a low-budget option. This Vivo Single Motor Electric Standing Desk Frame has everything you need at a bargain price tag.

Users can regulate the size of the frame; the length can be set between 39 and 55.1 inches, while the height can be set between 28.6 to 47.6 inches. Vivo state that this frame is suitable for tabletop up to 75 inches long. A single motor powers the height regulation at a speed of one inch per second.

Made from industrial steel, the frame is robust enough to handle most desktop setups. However, it’s not a heavy-duty frame with a maximum weight capacity of 176 lbs. The three-year warranty offered by Vivo is actually not bad for such an affordable price point.

Of course, the frame has some downsides. It only has two memory height presets and lacks other additional features. Additionally, it only has one motor, and the lifting capacity is not as high as our top choices.

All in all, If you’re looking for a standing desk frame for under $200, this is an ideal choice. As long as your tabletop isn’t super-heavy, the frame should last long.


  • Black and White Color Options
  • Good Weight Capacity
  • 3-Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Single Lifting Motor
  • Ultra-Low Price Tag


  • Frame Dimensions: Length – 39” to 55.1” Height – 28.6” to 47.6”
  • Lifting Capacity: 176 lbs
  • Height Adjustment: 28.6” to 47.6”
  • Height Presets: 2
  • Height Adjustment Speed: 1” per second
  • Frame Weight: 43.6 lbs
  • Material: Steel
  • Manufacturer: Vivo


  • Bargain Price
  • Decent Weight Capacity
  • Two Color Options
  • Suitable for Large Desktops


  • Only One Lifting Motor
  • Only Two Height Presets

How We Decided

With so many standing desk frames to choose from, it can be tricky to choose the best one, but for our experts, it’s just another day in the office. After testing hundreds of frames throughout the years, our knowledge indicates four main factors that decide the quality of a frame; weight capacity & motors, warranty length, brand reputation, and the lifting range.

We found that weight capacity and lifting motors strongly indicate a standing desk frame’s overall sturdiness, strength, and quality. Desks with dual or triple motors are typically stronger and more expensive than single-motor desks. We ensured all the recommended frames in our guide have a high weight capacity and are made from robust solid steel.

Brand reputation is another crucial aspect when choosing a desk frame, and it directly links with another key aspect; the warranty length. Brands like AiTerminal or Progressive Automations are known for their quality backed up by their ultra-long warranties. We ensured our top 3 standing desk frame picks are made by a reputable brand and have a warranty of at least 5-year-long.

The last of our decisive factors when choosing a desk frame was the lifting range. You see, when using a standing desk, the height of the desktop must be at the correct height to allow the user to work in the correct, ergonomic posture. Some frames are often too short or tall for the user. We ensured that our top 3 frame picks have extensive lifting ranges suitable for both short and tall people.

What to Consider When Buying a Standing Desk Frame

When looking for a standing desk frame there are numerous factors you have to consider in order to choose a frame that meets your requirements.

Frame Size

Perhaps, one of the most important aspect is the frame size. Most standing desks frames have an adjustable length to accommodate different sizes of desktops. For example, a frame that can be regulated to 70 inches long is enough to accommodate a 90-inch long tabletop. Most frames allow a 10-inch tabletop overhang on both sides. Choose a frame that is suitable for your desktop size.

How Many Motors Does The Frame Have?

The amount of lifting motors determined how fast a standing desk rises and how much weight it can handle. Single motors usually allow up to 176 lbs, they are pretty loud, and rise time is about 1 inch per second. On the other hand, Dual motors can lift weights sometimes up to 330 lbs. They are much quieter and smoother than single motors. Dual motors can lift a desk at a speed of 1.6 inches per second. Because the lifting weight is distributed to two sides of the frame, dual motors are less likely to overheat.

Lifting Capacity

The lifting capacity tells you the maximum weight a frame can lift. Choose a frame that can lift your desktop and the office hardware you plan to place on it. Frame weight capacity is a good indicator to how strong the frame is. For example, a frame with a 320 lbs capacity is much more rigid than a frame with a 176 lbs capacity.

How Long is The Manufacturer’s Warranty?

A large percentage of the people looking for standing desk frames plan to replace a broken standing desk frame. To avoid this happening again, you should choose a frame with a long manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty basically tells you how much faith a brand has in its product structure. We recommend choosing a standing desk frame with a warranty length of at least five years.

Do you need a Monitor Stand?

Many people forget about a monitor stand. It’s a vital piece of equipment for maintaining the correct posture while working at your desk. Health experts say your monitor should be mounted at least three inches higher than your mouse and keyboard to maintain a proper posture. Whether it’s a single, dual or triple monitor stand, make sure you invest in one if you care about posture.

Frame Price 

Most electric standing desk frames are priced between 200 and 600 dollars. You shouldn’t be paying more than that unless it’s for a premium product. The longer the warranty of the frame and the weight capacity of the frame, the higher the price. In other terms, you get what you pay for. We recommend spending between 300 and 400 dollars on a frame with at least a five-year-long warranty.

Health Benefits of Standing Desks

  • Improved Posture – Users are more likely to maintain correct posture working in a standing position.
  • Increased Energy Levels – According to health experts, working in a standing position for at least half of your working day leads to increased daily energy levels.
  • Improved Mental Focus – Increased daily energy levels tend to improve mental focus.
  • Active Lifestyle – Because, you are not sat down for the whole day, standing desks promote an active lifestyle, especially when combined with balance boards or treadmills.

Final Thoughts

In summary, standing desk frames are an excellent choice for people who would like to create their own custom electric standing desk. By choosing one of the choices we recommend, you can’t go wrong. 

All the frames mentioned in this guide have good warranties, and most of them have a heavy-duty weight capacity. Just make sure to choose a frame that is suitable for your tabletop size.

We hope that our best standing desk frames guide has helped you find the ideal frame for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us.


What is a standing desk frame kit?

A standing desk frame kit is basically a standing desk frame. There is no difference between between frames and frame kits. Standing desk frames allow users to install there own custom desktop on the frame thus creating their own custom electric standing desk.

Can standing desks overheat?

Electric standing desks can overheat if the lifting mechanism is used too often. For example, you shouldn’t play around with the desk, lifting and lowering it for fun; that is something that children tend to do. That’s why many standing desks come with a child lock button. Additionally, some standing desks have an overload protection feature that shuts the desk off if the maximum weight has been exceeded to prevent overheating. 

Do standing desks need to be plugged in?

Electric standing desks require an electrical power outlet to work the motorized lifting system. On the other hand, hand-crank standing desks are fully manual and don’t require a power outlet.

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