The 9 Best Standing Desks Under $500 in 2023

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EB8 Standing Desk with Drawers

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Most people work at a desk, usually in the seating position. It’s widely known that sitting down for long periods can be bad for your health; it can lead to diabetes and heart disease. One solution to this is standing desks. These desks allow users to work in a standing and seating position by integrating an easy-to-use height adjustment mechanism.

Standing desks help office workers stay more active during their work hours, a much healthier approach. In this article, you can find the nine best standing desks under $500, including our Best Value, Premium, Top, and Budget selections.

You have to consider a variety of important aspects before buying a standing desk. Keep on scrolling down to see which particular standing desk options we picked and what makes them stand out from others.

The Best Standing Desks Under $500

  1. Fezibo Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk – Top Pick
  2. Harmati Electric Standing Desk – Best Value
  3. FlexiSpot EB8 Electric Standing Desk – Premium Pick
  4. Famisky Crank Standing Desk – Budget Choice
  5. VIVO Electric Standing Desk – Pro’s Choice
  6. Eureka Ergonomic Electric Standing Desk – Gamer’s Choice
  7. Fezibo Double Drawer Electric Standing Desk
  8. Radlove Electric Standing Desk
  9. Lindsy Home L Shape Standing Desk

These are our picks for the best electric standing desks under $500. Learn more about each product to help you pick the best one for you by reading the detailed descriptions below.

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In This Review

Fezibo is a reputable brand that manufactures quality standing desks, standing desk converters, and other office accessories. The Fezibo Dual Motor Standing Desk model offers a stylish design compatible with modern home decor trends.

This desk has a spacious workspace measuring 55” long and 24” wide, meaning users don’t have to worry about knocking things over and can comfortably rest their elbows on both sides of the desk.

Most importantly, this Fezibo standing desk has dual height adjustment motors on each side of the desk, allowing for a weight capacity of 172 lbs. Most other standing desks have only one motor powering both sides. Users can adjust the height to anywhere between 27.3 to 46 inches.

This standing desk is also quite sturdy, the frame structure being alloy steel while the worktop board is made from particleboard.

The Fezibo Dual Motor model comes with a disposable keyboard tray making the user’s writing position even more comfortable. Additionally, the desk sits on lockable 360-degree casters that allow for easy mobility of the desk without lifting.

Other valuable features include a cable management tray which creates a clean work area and desk hooks that allow the user to hang headphones, clothing, and other items on the sides of the desk.

The Fezibo Dual Motor Standing Desk is hands down one of the best standing desk options under $500; the only thing it lacks is storage space such as drawers and USB ports.


  • Large Worktop Space
  • Stylish Design
  • Dual-Motor Electric Height Adjustment
  • Lockable 360 degree Casters
  • Disposable Keyboard Tray
  • Cable Management Tray
  • Desk Hooks


  • Desk Dimensions: 55” x 24” x 27.6”
  • Workspace Dimensions: 55” x 24”
  • Weight: 79.2 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 176 lbs
  • Height Adjustment: from 27.36″ to 46.04″
  • Manufacturer: FEZIBO
  • Material: Particle Board, Alloy Steel
  • Child Lock: Yes
  • Height Presets: 3


  • Spacious Desk Space
  • Matches Modern Home Decor
  • Easy to Move on Casters
  • Has 2 Height Adjustment Mechanism Motors


  • Lacks Storage Space

Harmati is another brand that specializes in office desks, office chairs, and accessories. Their Harmati Standing Desk is our Best Value pick for best electric standing desks under $500. This model features a minimalistic dark wood design, with a decently sized worktop area for an affordable price.

What makes this desk good value is its sturdiness. With an impressive weight capacity of 200 lbs, the desk frame is made from alloy steel, while the worktop is made from engineered wood.

The Harmati standing desk has an electric height adjustment mechanism; this allows the user to set the desk height to anywhere between 28 and 46 inches. Other key features include stationary desk legs with no casters. Although this makes the desk harder to move, it helps with the weight capacity.

However, there are a few areas where this Harmati desk could be better. For example, it doesn’t have a keyboard tray, cable management tray, desk hooks, USB ports, or a large worktop area. Essentially it is a well-built, affordable choice without the small additional features.


  • Medium Size Worktop Space
  • Stylish Walnut Wood Design
  • Electric Height Adjustment


  • Desk Dimensions: 23.6” x 47.2” x 46”
  •  Worktop Dimensions: 23.6” x 47.2”
  • Weight: 64.5 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 200 lbs
  • Height Adjustment: from 28″ to 46″
  • Manufacturer: HARMATI
  • Material: Particle Board, Alloy Steel
  • Child Lock: Yes
  • Height Presets: 3


  • High Weight Capacity
  • Affordable Price Tag
  • Compatible with Minimalistic Home Decor


  • Limited Worktop Area

Our Premium Pick for the Best Standing Desk Under $500 goes to the Flexispot EB8 Electric Standing Desk. This beautiful desk has a white steel frame combined with a stylish bamboo worktop which creates a modern look compatible with many home decor styles.

Flexispot EB8 has a nicely sized worktop area, measuring 23.7 by 47.3 inches. This gives the user enough space to work comfortably. The touch-of-a-button electric height adjustment mechanism lets the user set the desk height between 28.3 and 47.6 inches.

The premium price is just under $500, doesn’t just buy the customer a stylish standing desk. It also comes with a few features which make this desk stand out. One of these features is a spacious storage drawer for storing documents, cables, and other office equipment.

Need to charge your phone? The FlexiSpot EB8 has three integrated charging ports, two of them are Type-A USB, and the third one is Type-C. This enables the user to charge up their phone while keeping it at arms distance.

The only downsides to this Flexispot model are the weight capacity of only 110 lbs and the fact that the worktop area isn’t super-spacious. All in all, this desk is an excellent choice for those who want supreme style and extra features, no matter what the price tag is.


  • Stylish White and Bamboo Design
  • Integrated USB Ports
  • Medium Size Worktop Space
  • Spacious Storage Drawer
  • Electric Height Adjustment


  • Desk Dimensions: 23.7” x 47.3” x 47.6”
  • Worktop Dimensions: 23.7” x 47.3”
  • Weight: 90.8 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 110 lbs
  • Height Adjustment: from 28.3″ to 47.6”
  • Manufacturer: FLEXISPOT
  • Material: Particle Board, Steel
  • Child Lock: Yes
  • Height Presets: 4


  • It comes with a Child Lock Button
  • Has Phone Charging Ports
  • Has Trendy Looks
  • Comes with Storage Space


  • Maximum Weight Capacity is Low

Want to save some of your money? Our budget choice is the Famisky Manual-Crank Standing Desk. It is one of the most affordable, if not the cheapest standing desks on the market. The main compromise is the non-powered crank height adjustment system; however, this standing desk shares most other key features with premium standing desks.

Sturdiness is not a problem as this desk has a strong iron and steel frame combined with an engineered walnut wood worktop giving the desk a maximum weight capacity of 176 lbs. Users can set the manual-adjustment height between 28.1 and 45.5 inches, a standard range for most standing desks.

The worktop area of this Famisky desk is not bad either, measuring 24 by 40 inches, a medium-size compared to other options. For more effortless mobility, this manual standing desk comes with lockable casters. Additionally, desk hooks allow the user to hang clothing, headphones, and other items on the sides of the desk.

This Famisky desk does come with a few other downsides at this budget price tag. The desk doesn’t have any storage space, a keyboard tray, a cable management tray, or charging ports.

In summary, this desk is an excellent choice for the budget buyer looking for the cheapest standing desk option on the market.


  • Stylish Wood Design
  • Manual Height Adjustment
  • Medium-Size Worktop Space
  • Lockable Casters
  • Desk Hooks


  • Desk Dimensions: 24” x 40” x 28.9”
  • Worktop Dimensions: 24” x 40”
  • Weight: 49.8 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 176 lbs
  • Height Adjustment: from 28.14” to 45.47”
  • Manufacturer: FAMISKY
  • Material: Iron, Alloy Steel, Particle Board


  • Bargain Price Tag
  • Trendy Wood Design
  • Easy to Move


  • Limited Worktop Space
  • Non-Powered Height Adjustment

If you consider yourself a professional, this standing desk could be the right option for you. Instead of focusing on small additional features, this Vivo electric standing desk offers an extra-large desktop space in a simple all-black or all-white design.

This electric standing desk provides a spacious desktop measuring 63.1 inches long and 31.5 inches wide. This desk’s electric height adjustment mechanism can be set to anywhere from 29.5 inches to 49.9 inches high. The chosen height can be saved to three memory height presets.

Weight capacity shouldn’t be a problem as this Vivo desk can take up to 176lbs, meaning Users can place large numbers of office hardware on the worktop. The actual weight of this standing desk is 56.8 lbs, so it can be tricky to move for one person. The frame of this desk is steel, while the desktop is made from MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard).

The XXL workspace isn’t the only aspect that makes this VIVO desk stand out. This desk comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty; if the product is faulty or breaks, you can receive a refund or replacement. Only a few standing desk brands offer this, making this warranty a significant bonus.

However, this standing desk does lose out to many of its competitors on the number of additional features. For example, this product doesn’t have storage space, a keyboard tray, or a child lock button.

Overall, the VIVO electric standing desk is an ideal option for people looking for ultimate desktop space without lots of additional features.


  • XXL Worktop Space
  • Table-top Cable Management System
  • Electric Height Adjustment
  • 3-year Manufacturers Warranty


  • Desk Dimensions: 31.5″ x 63.1″ x 29.5″
  • Worktop Dimensions: 63.1” x 31.5”
  • Weight: 56.8 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 176 lbs
  • Height Adjustment: 29.5” to 49.6”
  • Manufacturer: VIVO
  • Material: Steel and MDF
  • Child Lock: No
  • Height Presets: 3


  • Ultra Spacious Desktop
  • 3-year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Available in both Black and White
  • Solid Structure


  • Lacks Additional Features

Are you a gamer? Or perhaps you work by your desk and also like to play games? If so, this standing desk could be a perfect choice. This Eureka Ergonomic electric standing desk offers a large L-shaped desktop and an ultra-strong structure in a slick all-black design.

This standing desk’s structure sets it apart from all of the featured desks in this article. It has an ultra-strong carbon steel frame topped by a particleboard desktop and can hold 220 lbs. This Eureka Ergonomic standing desk weighs nearly 100lbs, and it can be hard to move around.

Eureka Ergonomic has you covered; this desk comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty so you can sleep well at night, knowing that if anything breaks or fails, you can get your money back.

Apart from the ultra-strong structure, this standing desk has a large worktop measuring 60 inches long and 42.7 inches wide, giving users space for multiple monitors. This worktop has a red gaming pattern and can be set to anywhere between 29.9 to 48.4 inches high. The height setting can be saved to four different memory presets.

Additionally, Eureka Ergonomic includes a free gaming mousepad with every gaming standing desk purchase. The only downsides to this desk are the lack of additional storage space, disposable keyboard trays, or desk hooks.

Overall, this desk is not only an excellent option for gamers but also probably the most robust electric standing desk for under $500, judging by the amount of weight it can hold.


  • XXL L Shape Worktop Space
  • Stylish Gaming Design
  • Electronic Height Adjustment
  • Cable Management Tray


  • Desk Dimensions: 62.99 x 47.24 x 29.53 inches
  • Worktop Dimensions: 60” x 42.7”
  • Weight: 97.2 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Height Adjustment: 29.9” to 48.4”
  • Manufacturer: EUREKA ERGONOMIC
  • Material: Carbon Steel, Particle Board
  • Child Lock: No
  • Height Presets: 4


  • Strong Carbon Steel Frame
  • Free Gaming Mousepad
  • Large Deskspace
  • CARB P2 Certified
  • 3-years Manufacturers Warranty


  • Higher Price Tag
  • No Storage Space

Another standing desk option priced at under $500, which is worth mentioning, is the Fezibo Double Drawer Electric Standing Desk. This desk features a trendy wood-look design with double drawers for storage and many other additional features.

Like most standing desks, the frame is made from metal, while the desktop is made from particleboard. The metal frame allows for a weight capacity of up to 155 lbs, while the whole desk weighs 88.8 lbs. The worktop is medium-sized, measuring 55 inches long and 24 inches wide. Electric height adjustment allows the desktop to be set between 27.6 and 47.3 inches high.

Need some storage space? This electric standing desk has two integrated storage drawers enabling users to store essential documents, charging cables, and other office accessories right at their workstation.

Additional features include desk hooks for hanging items such as headphones or clothing and lockable 360-degree casters for easy maneuverability. The only significant downsides are the lack of a cable management tray and a child lock button.


  • Medium Size Worktop Space
  • Electric Height Adjustment
  • 2 Storage Drawers
  • Lockable Casters
  • Desk Hooks


  • Desk Dimensions: 55” x 24” x 47.3”
  • Worktop Dimensions: 55” x 24”
  • Weight: 88.8 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 155 lbs
  • Height Adjustment: 27.6” to 47.3”
  • Manufacturer: FEZIBO
  • Material: Metal, Particle Boards
  • Child Lock: No
  • Height Presets: 3


  • Extra Storage Space
  • Decent Size Desktop
  • Easy to Move Around
  • Trendy Design


  • Not a super high weight capacity

Next on our list is the Radlove Electric Standing Desk. It features a beautiful wood-look desktop at an affordable price. The Radlove brand offers many other ergonomic office-related products, such as office chairs, monitor stands, and exercise boards.

The worktop on this desk is not the biggest, measuring 48 inches long and 24 inches wide. However, the sturdy metal frame allows for a weight capacity of 176 lbs which is pretty good compared to the competition. The whole desk, including the structure and worktop, weighs 58.9 lbs, which is slightly lighter than most standing desks.

An electrical height adjustment system allows the user to lift the desktop anywhere between 27 and 45 inches high. Users can save the height to 4 different memorized height preset slots. Additional features include desk hooks for hanging headphones, clothing, etc., and a cable management tray to keep your desk organized.

The Radlove Electric Standing Desk is undoubtedly a good bang for your buck, and we even considered it as our best value choice. The downsides to this desk are a lack of storage space or a child lock button.


  • Stylish Wood Design
  • Large Size Worktop Space
  • Electric Height Adjustment
  • Cable Management Tray
  • Desk Hooks


  • Desk Dimensions: 48″ x 24″ x 47″
  • Worktop Dimensions: 48″ x 24″
  • Weight: 58.9 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 176 lbs
  • Height Adjustment: 27” to 45”
  • Manufacturer: RADLOVE
  • Material: Metal, Particle Board
  • Child Lock: No
  • Height Presets: 4


  • Affordable Price Tag
  • Trendy Design
  • Good Weight Capacity
  • 4 Height Preset Slots


  • Lacks Storage Space

Last on our list is the Linsy Home L Shape Electric Standing Desk, another good value standing desk. This Linsy Home desk offers sophisticated looks accompanied by a large worktop area.

This standing desk has a large L-shaped worktop measuring 55 inches long and 34 inches wide. This gives space for at least two monitors, a mousepad, and a keyboard. It is finished in a walnut wood-look style which is very popular with modern home decor trends.

Again, just like with other standing desks, the frame of this desk is made from metal, while the worktop is made from particleboard. This sturdy structure allows for a weight capacity of 176 lbs, a standard weight limit for standing desks.

The touch-of-a-button controller allows the user to lift the desk to a height between 27 and 45 inches, powered by the electric motor. The height controller on this desk is different from most other standing desks; it features a clear glass button lit by a blue light. The downside to this controller is the lack of height preset slots and a child lock option.

Additional features include iron desk hooks and a cable management tray for a tidy workspace. All in all, this desk is certainly a good value option, especially if you are looking for an L-shaped desk in particular.


  • Large L Shape Worktop Space
  • Stylish Walnut Wood Design
  • Electric Height Adjustment
  • Desk Hooks
  • Cable Management Tray


  • Desk Dimensions: 34″ x 55″ x 45″
  • Worktop Dimensions: 34″ x 55″
  • Weight: N/A lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 176 lbs
  • Height Adjustment: 27” to 45”
  • Manufacturer: LINSY HOME
  • Material: Metal, Particle
  • Child Lock: No
  • Height Presets: 0


  • Shiny Blue-Light Controller
  • Acceptable Weight Capacity
  • Decent Additional Features
  • Large Desktop Space
  • Trendy Design
  • Affordable Price Tag


  • No Height Preset Slots
  • Lack of Storage Space

What to Consider Before Buying an Electric Standing Desk Under $500

Most standing desks seem to be very similar to the newbie buyer; however that is simply not the case, they can vary significantly in size and features. These features can determine if a particular standing desk is the right one for you. Here are a few aspects you should pay close attention to before choosing the best standing desk under $500 for your office.

How big is the desktop area?

Choosing the right desktop area size is critical. It determines how many monitors, desktops, laptops, or keyboards you can fit on the desk without squeezing too tight. Desktop size can also determine the overall feel of the desk; most people prefer a larger desk as it seems to be a more comfortable option. Additionally, you have to think about the dimensions of the area in which the standing desk will be in. The last thing you want is to assemble a standing desk to find out that it doesn’t even fit in your room.

How much weight can the desk handle?

Most standing desks have a weight capacity of 172 lbs, but some are maxed out at 110 lbs. You should be very aware of this, especially if you plan to place heavy office items such as desktop computers or printers on your desk. For example, a single office printer can weigh 60lbs, and a single desktop computer can weigh another 60lbs. Add this up, and you have 120 lbs which a 110 lbs max capacity standing desk will not handle.

Is the standing desk compatible with monitor mounts?

Monitor mounts are used to mount monitors on the back edge of your standing desk; this frees up a lot of space and creates a more comfortable workspace. Many desks are not compatible with monitor stands because they are too thick or thin. Luckily, this article’s featured standing desk options are compatible with monitor mounts. Most brands sell their own compatible monitor stands. For example, the Vivo Electrical Standing Desk is compatible with a Vivo Single Monitor Desk Mount.

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Does the standing desk have USB charging ports?

USB charging ports are a convenient feature when it comes to standing desks. Having multiple charging ports allows the user to charge several devices while keeping them at arm’s reach. This works well for people who need to be by their phone at all times while working at their standing desk. Additionally, you can plug in mini USB lamps to these ports when you need a little extra light in the evening hours.

Is the standing desk electric or manual?

Nowadays, nearly all standing desks have an electric height-adjustment mechanism that the touch of a button can activate. However, some standing desk options still use a manual crank, usually priced much cheaper than the electric cousins. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference and budget; some people still prefer to use manual standing desks, thus saving money in the process.

Does the desk have casters?

Casters are wheels on which the legs of the desk are rested. They allow for easy 360-degree maneuverability of the desk without lifting. These can be locked in position, so the desk doesn’t move while you use it. People looking to buy a standing desk that will need to be moved often should consider one with casters.

What is the height adjustment range?

Most standing desks have a height adjustment range between 25 and 50 inches; some only go up to 45 inches high. Tall people looking to buy a standing desk should consider options with the highest height option of at least 48 inches. Even a few inches can make a huge difference in your standing position.

Does the desk have a child lock feature?

The child lock feature on standing desks usually comes in the form of a child lock button on the controller. This option stops children from using the controller buttons. Kids playing around with standing desks can cause items to fall from the desk, possibly even hurting them. Also, this can break the device completely. People with young children should consider a standing desk with a child lock feature.


What are the frame and worktop materials?

Most standing desks have metal alloy frames and particle board desktops. However, some standing desks, for example, the Eureka Ergonomic Standing Desk, have carbon steel frames. These carbon steel frames offer superior weight capacity and a more robust structure. People looking for those benefits should consider a carbon steel standing desk.

How many height preset slots does the desk controller have?

Height preset slots allow users to save a height preset in their desired desktop position. Once a preset has been saved, a user can simply press the button and watch the desk raise or lower itself rather than manually pressing the up and down buttons. Most standing desks have 3 or 4 height preset slots. To be honest, you only really need two presets; sitting and standing. However, if several people use a standing desk, it might be better to have four height presets to suit their individual needs.

Does the standing desk come with a manufacturer’s warranty?

Most standing desks we found online don’t display their warranty information, although a few options offer a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. These options give buyers peace of mind knowing that they can quickly get their money back or a replacement standing desk if their standing desk breaks down. Choosing options with a good warranty is a wise idea.

Benefits of Standing Desks

Working at a standing desk as opposed to a seating desk can have tremendous health benefits on your body. Here are some of the major benefits of working at a standing desk;

  • Working in a standing position promotes an active lifestyle and lowers your chance of gaining weight.
  • Standing rather than sitting for at least half of your day can significantly lower your chance of heart disease.
  • Working at a standing desk can reduce back and neck pain caused by incorrect seating positions.
  • Standing more often can lead to a longer lifespan and even prevent early death.
  • Working at a standing desk can improve your overall mood.
  • Standing desks can help to improve energy levels.
  • Working at a standing desk can even improve productivity levels.
  • Standing Desks can improve your posture by working in the right position.

Final Thoughts

In summary, standing desks are a perfect solution for people who struggle with posture while working by their desks at office scenarios. In fact, they are also great for people who simply want to maintain a healthier, more active lifestyle during their office hours. Hopefully by the time you have finished reading this article you have found your perfect choice from our list of the best electric standing chairs under $500.


Will standing desks help with back and neck pain?

Standing desks are known for helping those who suffer from back pain and neck pain, especially if this pain has been caused by an incorrect seating or sleeping position. Back and neck pain is also caused by just sitting and laying down for excessive periods of time. Standing desks will help you stay upright for longer, thus eliminating most back and neck pain cases.

Are standing desks really worth it?

If maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle has any importance to you, then yes, standing desks are certainly worth it. For less than $500, you can significantly decrease your chances of having heart disease and early death while also increasing productivity. That sounds like a worthy investment if you ask me.

How long should you stand at a standing desk?

Most sources recommended a ratio of one-hour standing to one-hour sitting while using a standing desk. However, this is debatable; many historical figures such as Charles Dickins actually stood for most periods while perfecting their penmanship. At the end of the day, everybody’s body is different, and your body will let you know which stand/sit ratio is best for you.

Do you lose weight with a standing desk?

Most sources say that just using a standing desk alone will not make you lose weight, and that is partially true. Most people need some form of additional cardio exercise such as running or swimming to lose weight. However, people suffering from bad cases of obesity from sitting down for extended periods may lose weight by simply working in a standing position for a few hours a day. This is because standing burns more calories than sitting, so it may cause weight loss or prevent more weight gain.

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