Overheard on Conference Calls is a place for everything work. We feature the funny, outrageous, amazing, and out of place moments at work with real submissions from real people. Along with that, we provide resources, guides, product reviews how-to’s, and expert advice to get ahead in the workplace. 

Overheard on Conference calls is owned by Eric Moore, a 20-year veteran of the corporate world. In 2019, Eric founded the site to not only bring some joy through humor, but also to help workers work more comfortably. As someone who has sat in way too many uncomfortable chairs and sat at his fair share of non-ergonomic desks, Eric knows that the wrong set up can cause aches and pains. Many office workers spend 8 hours a day (or more!) working at their desk.

At Overheard on Conference Calls, we believe everyone should have the right products and the right equipment for their needs.

As a former office furniture sales rep, Eric knows a thing or two about the ins and outs of the industry, ergonomics, and how to select ideal products that fit your needs, fit your budget, and make work a little easier. 

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Eric Moore, Owner of Overheard on Conference Calls