The 6 Best File Cabinets in 2023

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Metal Filing Cabinet

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16873 File Cabinet

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In order to keep your office space well-organized and have your important documents at a hand’s reach at all times, you might want to consider purchasing a file cabinet. Filing cabinets make it easy to store documents in an effective and correct way, allowing you to quickly find what you need when you need it.

In this buying guide, we review the 6 best file cabinets on the market to help you make your choice.To prepare this list, we focused on factors such as main features, price for value, customers’ reviews, and brand trust. We hope our guide can point you towards the file cabinet your office needs.

The Best File Cabinets

Table of Contents

Compare the Best Filing Cabinets

Filing Cabinet

Number of Drawers


Key Features

YITAHOME Metal Filing Cabinet

3 drawers


Removable pencil tray

5 castors

Removable file bar

Bush Furniture Lateral File Cabinet

2 drawers


200lbs surface capacity

Sturdy construction

No wheels

Lorell 16873 File Cabinet

2 drawers

Metal (Steel)

Optional set of casters

Lockable drawers

Extra light

JJS Wood File Cabinet

3 drawers


Two lockable wheels

30-day risk free guarantee

Easy to move

Monarch Specialties File Cabinet

3 drawers


Wheels can be locked

5 casters

Aurora Soho Design File Cabinet

2 drawers


Brake function on front wheels

Lockable drawers

After carefully analyzing the features and characteristics of the best file cabinets available, we settled on this YITAHOME metal filing cabinet as our top pick. With three metal drawers, it provides lots of space to store important documents. But, being a vertical file cabinet, it still doesn’t take up too much space in your office. 

The product is equipped with a key that lets you lock the drawers in case you need privacy. And if you need to move it around, you’ll find it easy to do so thanks to the 5 caster wheels featured on the bottom. 

Talking about the specific characteristics of the drawers, we need to mention the top drawer includes a removable pencil tray, while the bottom drawer comes with a removable file bar specifically designed to accommodate A4 sized documents.

The whole file cabinet is built using heavy-duty steel, which makes it durable and sturdy, and the central wheel we find on the bottom gives higher stability, preventing it from tipping over when the top drawers are opened. Overall, this is a great solution for storing your documents.


  • 3 drawers
  • Removable pencil tray
  • Removable file bar
  • 5 casters


  • Dimensions: 12 x 18 x 24 inches
  • Weight: 38 lbs
  • Material: Metal


  • Lockable drawers
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Doesn’t take up too much space
  • Easy to move


  • The key locks all the drawers, not just the top one

The second item on our list is the most expensive option; however, it offers lots of storage space and it features 4+ star reviews from most of its buyers.

First of all, this horizontal file cabinet is sturdy and stable, meaning it can accommodate a great quantity of documents without falling over or losing stability. There are two drawers you can use to store files, both of them the same size.

Plus, if you need to place something on top of it, the surface weight capacity is as high as 200 lbs. With an authentic washed gray finish and aged bronze accents, this file cabinet will suit even the most elegant interior designs.

But, if you’re looking for different color options then this Bush Furniture product is also available in bing cherry, dark gray hickory and pure white oak.

On a negative note, moving this file cabinet around won’t be easy due to the lack of wheels, but it’s not impossible.

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  • Two horizontal drawers
  • 200 lbs surface weight capacity
  • Sturdy leg design


  • Dimensions: ‎30 x 19.88 x 30 inches
  • Weight: 65.6 lbs
  • Material: Wood


  • Elegant design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Different colors available
  • Clear instructions


  • Moving the file cabinet once it’s assembled isn’t easy

For a little more than $100, this Lorell file cabinet is one of the best options featured in our list. It’s specifically designed for smaller rooms or to fit under close to any desk.

The cabinet features two drawers with smooth glide suspension, both of them can be locked and fit letter-size hanging file folders.

The product is made of steel, it weighs 23 lbs, and can be positioned wherever you need it thanks to a set of plastic casters and 2 pull handles that make it easy to move it around.

The filing cabinet only requires minimal assembly as the user only needs to install the wheels and the handles. In addition, this Lorell file cabinet proves to be quite resistant to scratches and dents due to its durable steel construction.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and small file cabinet, then this might be it, however, keep in mind that it only has two drawers and the storing space might be limited. If you think you might need more space, you can always take a look at the best standing desks with storage. Lastly, the product’s gray finish allows it to complement any interior design, from the most elegant offices to the more modern rooms.


  • Two lockable drawers
  • Smooth glide suspension
  • Optional set of casters


  • Dimensions: 14.3 x 18 x 24.5 inches
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Material: Steel


  • Easy to move
  • Great price
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Both drawers lock
  • Fits any room


  • Limited storage space

Are you looking for a classy file cabinet to complement your elegant home office and wood desk? Then you should take a look at this wooden file cabinet by JJS.

This product is at the same time both small and spacious. Its vertical design allows you to easily put it in small rooms or even under a desk but its three drawers also provide a lot of storage space. Where the first two drawers are smaller and come in use when you need to store books or pens, the third drawer can accommodate A4 sized files and documents.

The JJS wood file cabinet was made using high quality MDF boards that can easily be cleaned using a wet towel without fear of ruining it. Its sturdy construction also allows you to safely place heavy items on top of it, like a printer, for example.

This office cabinet features 4 rolling wheels that can smoothly roll on all types of floorings, from hardwood floors to carpets. Two of these wheels can be locked in place if needed.

Lastly, the product is covered by a 30-day risk free guarantee and lifetime customer support from the manufacturer. On the negative side, assembling the file cabinet might take some time, even if it isn’t hard.


  • Vertical design
  • 4 smooth rolling wheels
  • Three drawers


  • Dimensions: 15.7 x 15.7 x 23.6 inches
  • Weight: 35 lbs
  • Material: Wood


  • Good price
  • Rolls smoothly on all types of floors
  • 30-day risk free guarantee
  • Two lockable wheels
  • Can fit under a desk


  • The assembly might take some time

If you’re looking for an elegant file cabinet that won’t easily lose balance even when loaded with rows and rows of documents, then this one by Monarch Specialties might be it.

This convenient filing cabinet comes for less than $140 and it features three drawers: two smaller ones on the top which can be used for storing accessories, and a larger bottom one that can easily accommodate all your files and folders.

Whether we’re talking about chairs, standing desks or file cabinets, a set of wheels always comes in handy when you need to easily move your furniture from one place to another. With 5 casters, two locking and three non-locking, moving this file cabinet around won’t be any trouble and when you find the perfect position, you’ll be able to lock it into place.

Before purchasing this product, you should know assembly is required and while it’s not difficult as the pieces easily fall into place like they are supposed to, the instructions only consist of images with no text to accompany them.


  • Three drawers
  • 5 castors
  • It can be locked into place


  • Dimensions: ‎18.25 x 17.75 x 25.25 inches
  • Weight: 44 lbs
  • Material: Wood


  • Good price
  • Can be easily moved around
  • Three colors available
  • Two locking and three non-locking wheels
  • Easy to assembly


  • The instructions only consist of illustrations

Let’s wrap up our list with a modern and compact file cabinet perfect to fit small spaces and with no assembly required. This file cabinet by Aurora Store comes for $199 in the white version, but the aqua blue is a bit cheaper. 

In addition, the price includes two letter size hanging frames. The product features two equal-sized drawers with a lock that secures all of them. Plus, the interlocking system lets you open only one drawer at a time to prevent the file cabinet from tipping over.

This file cabinet is made of solid metal, with an anti-rust electrostatic spraying which improves durability. The two front wheels come with a brake function, however, regardless of this feature, the four casters might wiggle a bit. 

Lastly, we suggest putting something on top of the file cabinet, like a printer or even a coffee maker to improve stability and make sure it’s always well balanced.


  • Two drawers
  • 4 castors
  • Lock secures both drawers


  • Dimensions: ‎ 15.5 x 20.7 x 25.1 inches
  • Weight: 46.8 lbs
  • Material: Metal


  • Modern-looking
  • Wheels roll smoothly
  • Two colors available
  • Brake function on the front wheels
  • No assembly required


  • The wheels might wiggle a bit

Key Things to Consider Before Buying a File Cabinet

Although a file cabinet isn’t the first thing that come to mind when thinking about ergonomics, it can definitely help with keeping your office organized at all times. Now that we’ve described the 6 best file cabinets you can find on Amazon, let’s take a look at some important features you might want to consider before deciding which one you want to buy:

Size and number of drawers

With all the files you need to store, make sure your file cabinet has enough room for everything. It helps to evaluate what you’re storing and how much of that material will grow over time. This way you won’t end up with a filing system bursting at the seams.

Locking feature 

If you plan on storing personal or private documents, then you should check if the file cabinet is equipped with a lock and, if so, how many drawers can be locked. It won’t do any good if your documents are perfectly organized, but someone can just pick up your cabinets with them inside without a key.

Hanging file folders 

The drawers of the cabinet you plan on buying should be able to accommodate hanging file folders in order to keep your documents organized at all times.


In the future, you might want to move the cabinet somewhere else, however, if you consider the weight of the product and the documents it stores, that might not be an easy task. If the product features a set of casters, you’ll be able to move it in no time and with very little effort.

Look at the quality of the materials and construction – does it seem sturdy?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a file cabinet with one leg and it’s on the brink of tipping over. There are two things that really matter to me when I’m looking for a new file cabinet: quality construction and space.

Choose a style that matches your office’s décor

What color does your office’s décor have? Do you have an interior design style? You might want to start by deciding what kind style will work best for you – do you need drawers or doors? Color of the material? Modern or minimalist?

Knowing the answers to some of these questions will ensure that your file cabinet fits in perfectly with the rest of your office.

Room for letter-sized files, legal-size files, or both

Find an office storage space to store all of your important documents and information. There are many options available that will work best for you, so it’s important you find one that fits the length of your file folders. Having a file cabinet that can hold both gives you options.

Benefits of a File Cabinet

Now that we’ve gone over the main factors to consider before picking a file cabinet, we should also take a look at the benefits of having one of these items in your home office:

  • Keep your office organized: Nobody likes having their office covered in piles of documents that eventually take up any free space on your desk. A good way to store your important documents is to purchase a file cabinet.
  • Store all your documents in one place: Instead of sorting through different piles of documents, isn’t it easier to open a well-organized drawer and quickly find the file you’re looking for?
  • Easily move the file cabinet when you need it: Having an ergonomic chair in your office isn’t the only solution to work more comfortably. A mobile file cabinet allows you to easily pull it towards your desk to find a specific document without even standing up.  
  • They come for a good price: The price of a file cabinet can vary based on factors such as the material or the number of drawers included, however you can find several good options for less than $120.
  • Different types and sizes available: Are you worried a file cabinet won’t fit in your office? Well, you should be relieved to know there are file cabinets of many different sizes available that can potentially fit into any office. More specifically, we recommend looking at vertical file cabinets if your workspace is limited.

Bottom Line

The file cabinet is a useful tool for any office. Paper piles up, important documents are lost, and your desk becomes cluttered in no time. But what if you had a file cabinet? The benefits of having an organized system for storing papers can be a lifesaver.

It allows you to store and organize documents so that they are easy to find when needed. You can customize the shelves on the inside of the cabinet with various folders, binders, and other organizational tools to keep your work neatly organized. This will also help you create a more ergonomic environment to work in.

We hope this guide will help you in selecting the best file cabinet for your home or home office.

The Best File Cabinets: FAQ Section

Is a File Cabinet Useful?

A file cabinet is both practical and aesthetically pleasing (if you select the right one for your décor). File cabinets are practical as they can provide a way to tidy up a room and make it look cleaner. They can also be used as a way of keeping papers neat in an orderly fashion, making them perfect for any organization system.

A file cabinet is useful as it provides protection from fire, water damage, theft, and vandalism. They also provide space to have additional office equipment you may need within arm’s reach such as paper shredders or printers since desk space might be limited in smaller quarters like a home office or apartments.

Why don’t drawers open at the same time?

When looking for file cabinets you’ll find it quite difficult and close to impossible to find cabinets with drawers that open at the same time. This is due to balance reasons, by allowing only one drawer at a time to open, the file cabinet will keep its balance, thus preventing it from falling over. 

What’s the difference between vertical and lateral file cabinets?

Vertical and lateral are the two main and most common types of file cabinets. Vertical file cabinets are a good choice in smaller workspaces, they are deeper than lateral ones and they allow you to store documents and files in a front-to-back formation. Lateral file cabinets require more space but they also provide a higher storage capacity. In this case, filling is done from side to side.

Are there other types of file cabinets?

Yes. On the market we can find open shelf file cabinets, which are usually wide and shallow in structure and resemble a bookshelf, or flat filing cabinets, which are used to store wide and flat items. Lastly, there are side tab file cabinets which let you organize documents in a vertical pattern to quickly find the file you’re looking for.

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