Standing Desk vs Desk Converter: Pros and Cons

Recently, a new trend has emerged – standing in the workplace. Long gone are the days of hunched backs and uncomfortable chairs, as standing desks are the fad that has been going around for a while now.

It comes jam-packed with different benefits, and we’re going to discuss all of them in this article. The benefits of standing in the workplace are irrefutable, and that’s why the world has embraced the standing desk idea. 

Yet, there is an even newer option, allowing you to both sit and stand in your workplace. A transformational apparatus known as a desk converter can convert your workstation from standing to sitting in one swift motion.

In this article, we’re going to discuss standing desks vs desk converters. Read on to learn which is right for you.

Standing desk

Before we get into the comparison itself, we’re going to have to establish what these things are. Standing desks are desks that are placed at a particular height that can usually be adjusted to fit the person standing in front of it.

Standing desks are the latest trend in the workstation world, as they reportedly come with a myriad of health benefits. They’re such a fad because, aside from the health benefits, they promote activity, productivity, and a good mood.

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Having a better mood and being in a more comfortable position at work is not only going to improve your health but your output and productivity as well. A happy employee is a hard-working employee, and employers know this.

That is why employers themselves are opting to supply their offices with the latest standing desks around.

Standing desks don’t come without critique, though, and some have a fair point. Standing for too long can decrease your mood, and unless you’re used to standing for prolonged periods, you can get pretty tired from it. That can impact your workflow, and inhibit you from reaping the full potential that standing desks have to offer.

The Benefits of Standing While You Work

Standing in the workplace is highly beneficial for your health. It can help you with:

  • Reducing weight gain and obesity
  • Improving posture and decreasing back pain
  • Improving your mood, and thus your productivity
  • Standing decreases your chances of developing a multitude of sedentary-related diseases

One of the most significant issues with sedentary jobs is the lack of activity. While standing might not sound like much, standing during your entire workday is going to increase the rate at which you burn calories significantly.

Another fantastic feature of standing desks is the capability to decrease back pain. Studies show that quite a lot of people suffer from some back pain today, and most of it’s due to improper postures. Standing while you’re working is going to significantly improve your posture and decrease back pain by a considerable amount.

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Maintaining a good mood during your work hours is going to be essential if you’re looking to boost productivity. It’s going to improve your life quality significantly, which is ultimately the best benefit of a standing desk. 

If you spend your time in the workplace actively, perhaps by standing, you’re bound to experience health benefits and decrease your chances of developing any issues associated with sitting down for prolonged periods. 

If you seek in-depth information on the multitude of benefits that a standing desk can bring to the table, don’t forget to check out our article on the benefits of standing desks.

Desk converter

A desk converter is a converter apparatus which allows you to turn your sitting desk into a standing desk, with an appropriate hoisting motion or a push of a button. They can raise your monitor and keyboard, actively increasing the height of your workspace as desired.

They’re the latest addition to the standing desk family, and are somewhat better than their predecessor – let’s elaborate on why. 

As opposed to standing desks which demand only standing, desk converters can serve as both sitting or standing desks at will. 

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Another distinct benefit of the desk converter is its sheer convenience. As mentioned before in this article, standing desk critics do have a point. While standing desks are all the rage nowadays, they still take quite a lot of getting used to.

Desk converters are going to help you through this transformation, allowing you to get the best of both worlds. Standing for prolonged periods is quite straining, and yes, it can make you tired, thus countering all of the benefits that standing desks bring in the first place.

With a desk converter, you can sit or stand whenever you want, as both sitting and standing for too long isn’t good for you. Desk converters are also far cheaper than standing desks and are very easy to install. 

Another benefit of desk converters, as opposed to standing desks, is the fact that they’re entirely modifiable. You can increase or decrease their height at will, and most of them come with an additional laptop, keyboard, and tablet trays and holders, which allow you to modify your workspace significantly.

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If you aren’t too keen on converting to a standing desk, but you would still like to improve your posture, a desk converter is your perfect match. By only increasing the height of your keyboard and monitor, you can improve your posture while sitting. 

Desk converter perks

  • They’re the best of both worlds, offering both sitting and standing. 
  • Some are electronically operated, allowing for adjustments at the flick of a button.
  • They come with additional trays, holders, and slides.
  • Desk converters are an affordable alternative to a standing desk.
  • They work with any existing desk and are very mobile.

In Conclusion

In the decision of a standing desk vs a desk converter, both are beneficial for anyone who is looking to improve their workspace a little bit. 

Standing desks are best for people who:

  • Already have active lifestyles;
  • Have a sedentary job;
  • Work in a crowded office;
  • Seek all the health benefits of standing in the workplace.

On the other hand, desk converters are best for people who:

  • Want to get into standing desks, but don’t want to lose the option of sitting;
  • Desire to lead more active, healthy, and productive work hours;
  • Want to transition between sitting and standing desks with ease.

To conclude our verses, both options are fantastic for people who are looking to spice up their workspace. They come with their unique set of benefits, which can accommodate different purposes. 

If you’re looking to make a more informed decision on whether you need a standing desk or desk converter, make sure to check out more in-depth reviews!

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