Fully Jarvis vs. UPLIFT V2: 2023 Standing Desk Review

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If you’re on the market for a new home office desk, getting an adjustable standing desk has probably crossed your mind once or twice. And it’s not surprising why. Sitting all day long at a regular office desk isn’t the most pleasant experience for you, your back, neck, or posture.

That’s when a few changes in the workstation setup might significantly improve your daily work experience. And switching your standard office desk with a high-quality standing desk is one of the first steps towards eliminating back pain, avoiding fatigue, and maintaining a good posture. 

But if you start searching for that perfect standing desk, you’re most likely to come across multiple options and feel a bit lost when trying to make the final decision. Well, we might have just made your life a little bit easier. 

In this review, we’re taking a closer look at two of the best and most popular on the market: Jarvis vs. UPLIFT V2 adjustable standing desks. And while they might look pretty similar, we found some key differences between them. 

Our review aims to help you decide which of these highly-rated standing desk converters is a better fit for your needs. Scroll down to find out all the details.

Fully Jarvis Standing Desk

Jarvis vs. UPLIFT: The Brand Battle

As for now, Fully is responsible for manufacturing Jarvis standing desks. This brand is striving to create office furniture that would keep your body moving during long workdays. 

Like its competitor, UPLIFT is manufacturing workstations that would entice you to be active and move more during your workweek. 

However, the fun fact is that both of these brands come from the same OEM Manufacturer, Zhejiang Jiecang Linear Motion Technology Co Ltd. JIECANG is a technology group focusing on the research, development, production, and sales of linear motion products. 

So, you can be sure that you won’t go wrong when it comes to quality, whether you choose a Jarvis or UPLIFT V2 standing desk.  

Let’s Talk Money: Comparing the Costs

If you are reading this post right now, you’re probably already aware that these two standing desks aren’t budget options. If you go for either 48” Jarvis or 48” UPLIFT V2, you’re looking at spending from $600 to $700. 

However, if you’re lucky enough, you might find a good deal from time to time and save yourself a little bit of money. But in general, the price of these two high-end standing desks is almost identical. So, it shouldn’t be a defining point when you’re choosing one of them.


Fully Jarvis sit-stand desk offers a height adjustment range from 25.5″ – 51” (including desktop). You can go from sitting to standing at 1.3″ per second with a comfortable soft start/stop. Its programmable memory handset has four presets (with desk height LED display), so you can swiftly change heights and move with ease.

UPLIFT V2’s height can be adjusted from 25.5″ to 51.1″ with a 1″ desktop. You can program up to four typical desk heights and automatically adjust to them with just one button click. You can also lock your keypad, set your min/max desk heights, and adjust the desk’s collision sensitivity. 

The only difference between Fully Jarvis and UPLIFT V2 standing desks is that the UPLIFT’s control panel isn’t a touch screen. 

Frame Color Options

While color might not be a high priority for some people, it can be a make-it-or-break point for others. 

Both Fully Jarvis and UPLIFT V2 feature a light bamboo top, so there’s not much difference between them. However, when it comes to frame colors, these standing desks offer slightly different shades. 

Fully Jarvis Frame Colors: Alloy, Black, Silver, White

UPLIFT V2 Frame Colors: Black, Gray, Metallic, White

So, if you need a specific frame color to match your interior design aspirations, you have quite a few options to choose from.

UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk vs. Jarvis: Desktop Size

Now, let’s talk about more critical things. Depending on the type of work you do and how much space you have for your brand-new sit-stand desk, you’re probably curious about the size options these two standing desks offer. 

Spoiler alert: UPLIFT V2 has two more options for you to choose from.

Fully Jarvis has the following desk sizes: 

  • 42” Rectangle
  • 48” Rectangle
  • 60” Rectangle

These should be more than enough to satisfy most standing desk lovers. 

However, if you need a bigger sit-to-stand desk, here’s what UPLIFT V2 has in store:

  • 42” Wide
  • 48” Wide
  • 60” Wide
  • 72” Wide
  • 80” Wide


Sometimes, little things can make a big difference, especially when you’re about to splurge on a new home office desk. Here’s what you need to pay attention to when choosing between Fully Jarvis and UPLIFT V2 standing desks. 


Fully Jarvis


Max Lifting Capacity

350 lbs

355 lbs

Desktop Material



Frame Material 



Wire Management Grommets



Accessory Mounting Points




7 years on frame

10 years on everything



Motion X-Board

Ergonomic Setup

Fully Jarvis and UPLIFT V2 are probably some of the best ergonomically designed office desks. So, if you strive to maintain good posture and prevent yourself from feeling fatigued at the end of the day, you can choose either of these two models. 

The only advantage that UPLIFT V2 has over Jarvis is that it comes with a Bamboo Motion X-Board. You can stand on this board while you’re working, trying to balance it to keep it in motion. This can help you stay more active and promote blood flow.

The Looks

If you’re into minimalism, you’ll fall in love with either of these two Scandinavian-inspired standing desks. Both Fully Jarvis and UPLIFT V2 have a simple and sleek design, letting you fit them into almost any interior without too much effort. 

The light bamboo desktop can make you feel more productive, and it can also serve as an excellent brainstorming location. Plus, Jarvis and UPLIFT V2 standing desks offer you enough room to decorate your workspace with succulents and other little things that bring you joy.

The Verdict

So, Jarvis or UPLIFT V2? Which one would you prefer? 

Don’t worry; we don’t expect you to have the answer just yet. These two standing desks are very similar, and that’s a fact. Both Jarvis and UPLIFT can provide you with a decent adjustability range, multiple frame colors, and of course, neat and minimalistic design. 

Since both sit-to-stand desks are in the same price range, you should probably consider the minor differences in the features they have to find the best fit for your requirements. 

Fully Jarvis standing desk features a touch screen control panel that allows you to seamlessly change the desk’s height. At the same time, UPLIFT V2 comes with a Motion X-Board, 10-year all-inclusive warranty, and more desktop size options. 

Ultimately, the UPLIFT V2 standing desk seems like a better choice if you consider all the goodies it comes with. However, Jarvis has outstanding reviews and is as functional as its competitor. So, after all, it’s up to you and your preferences. 

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