Play Conference Call Bingo

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Some kind of dial-in technical difficulties
Phone gets scratchy/drops out suddenly for the person talking
Sorry I’m late, my last call/meeting ran over
Can hear a dog or cat in the background
Sorry, I missed that. Could you repeat what you said?
Someone calls in from the car
Coughing or sneezing
Let’s take this offline
Someone apologizes for being on mute
Hi, who just joined?
I think we’re just waiting on [person]
Someone pre-apologizes that they’re getting over a cold or losing their voice
Someone doesn’t show up
Someone forgets to mute before talking about something inappropriate or unrelated
We’ll have to discuss and get back to you
Someone hits a key on their phone
Someone drops off the call unexpectedly
Did someone just join?
Two people start talking at the same time
Can hear loud typing
Echo or feedback
Did you all do anything fun over the weekend?
Can everyone see my screen?
I/we have a hard stop at…
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